Optional Add Ons:  Floral Engraving + $50 

Using the same baffle as the NY Studio this mouthpiece has an open Back-Bore bringing the excitement of New York City to life! This mouthpiece is dedicated to the New York Saxophone gods!

Sophisticated mouthpiece similar to the Hollywood Studio with the same baffle, but slightly darker as it has an open Back-Bore.

Paul Taylor plays 

on this model

In Order from Brightest to Darkest...


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Hollywood Studio

Alto: $949

Open Back-bore

Pieces without this Ring in the Back-Bore will be slightly warmer, yet more free-blowing.

Alto mouthpieces Now Available in Hollywood Studio & The New York Models.

Alto Mouthpieces

Ring in Back-bore

Pieces with this Ring

Ring left in the Back-bore will have more resistance, but creates more punch, power and projection

This mouthpiece has a shorter baffle then the Hollywood Studio and has a thin ring left in the Back-Bore. It is reminiscent of the NY Studio sound.

An Outstanding mouthpiece which is very versatile thus the name Hollywood Studio. It has a long baffle and a thin ring for resistance left in the Back-Bore.

New York

Alto: $949

Why play a copy when you're original?

New York  II
Alto: $949

*Due to the increased difficulty of working on the smaller alto mouthpieces they are $949

New York Studio ​Alto: $949