An Outstanding mouthpiece which is very versatile thus the name Hollywood Studio. It has a long baffle and a thin ring for resistance left in the Back-Bore.

​** Limited Supply of Original Guardala Baritone Blanks with Pink Bite Plate ** 
Can be made in any Vigilante model for $200 more.  (Standard = $949, Vintage = $1149)
​Each model below is priced for the standard piece / Vintage price next to it.
Once they're gone, they're gone!

Slightly shorter baffle than the New York, this piece is warm, but has a ring left in the Back-Bore for a bit slight resistance and kick. 

New York  II
Baritone: $949  / Vintage: $11499

Chicago Blues

Baritone: $949  / Vintage: $1149

In Order from Brightest to Darkest...

Has a Bullet Baffle and Open Back-Bore. This mouthpiece is slightly warmer then the Detroit Rock making it a great Blues piece!

Philadelphia Jazz

Baritone: $949  /  Vintage: $1149

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Using the same baffle as the NY Studio this mouthpiece has an open Back-Bore bringing the excitement of New York City to life! This mouthpiece is dedicated to the New York Saxophone gods!

Kansas City Bop

Baritone: $949  /  Vintage: $1149

New York Studio ​ Baritone: $949  / Vintage: $1149  

Ring in Back-bore

Pieces with this Ring

Ring left in the Back-bore will have more resistance, but creates more punch, power and projection

Baritone Sax Mouthpieces

Slightly shorter baffle than the New York and darkest of the line-up. Plays like a Link with a bit of Fire! Large open Back-Bore.

Optional Add Ons:  Floral Engraving + $50 

Open Back-bore

Pieces without this Ring in the Back-Bore will be slightly warmer, yet more free-blowing.

Why play a copy when you're original?

New Orleans
Baritone: $949  / Vintage: $1149

Similar baffle to the New Orleans, but with an open Back-Bore this mouthpiece has a warm delicious traditional sound. Growing up in Scituate, MA, later Berklee College of Music this mouthpiece reflects my life journey as a mouthpiece maker. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes to once again make mouthpieces! 


Detroit Rock

Baritone: $949  / Vintage: $1149

Hollywood Studio

Baritone: $949  / Vintage: $1149 

The Passion of this City and its inspiration to jazz music comes alive in this mouthpiece. It has a slightly shorter baffle then the New York, but has a ring left inside the Back-Bore to bring sizzle befitting the legendary French Quarter.

This mouthpiece has a shorter baffle then the Hollywood Studio and has a thin ring left in the Back-Bore. It is reminiscent of the NY Studio sound.

New York

Baritone: $949  /  Vintage: $1149

Boston Phoenix

Baritone: $949  /  Vintage: $1149

Sophisticated mouthpiece similar to the Hollywood Studio with the same baffle, but slightly darker as it has an open Back-Bore.

Bullet Baffle, thin ring in Back-Bore for resistance. This mouthpiece is great for Rock and high energy music.