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Every Vigilante mouthpiece is hand made by Jennifer Price. Each piece is strenuously worked and reworked for days and play-tested prior to shipping. As a result, no two mouthpieces are alike, however, they all play amazing with their own personalities that are unique to each model and can be custom ordered to fit the need of the saxophonist. This ensures that each mouthpiece will give the player their own 'sound'. All Vigilante mouthpieces play with ease and are extremely in-tune in the altissimo register as well as ease in playing the lower stack which can be played at a whisper. Each features rifling in the bore which helps direct the air through the mouthpiece creating excitement for a full rich sound at any volume. Regardless of which model you choose, once you play a true hand made work of art like these, there's no going back to an off the shelf piece!

Each Mouthpiece Model is currently available for Baritone & Tenor Sax

Alto mouthpieces Now Available in Hollywood Studio & The New York Models.


Why play a copy when you're original?