"The search for the 'perfect' mouthpiece has been a tiring and unpleasant pursuit. But upon meeting Jennifer and finding my Vigilante mouthpiece, I no longer had to deal with the limitations of design. Her amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail is without a doubt a work of art. Having a mouthpiece that has no boundaries has allowed a freedom of expression that is virtually unparalleled."     -Jeff Ryan


Why play a copy when you're original?

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  "I love my Vigilantes' because they give me the tonal quality and projection clarity I desire on my alto & tenor!"

                               -Paul Taylor

"I wanted a piece that would let my own voice shine through; one that's so comfortable to play it would allow my saxophone to be an extension of me. Vigilante Mouthpieces do that for me, hands down the best pieces I've ever played!" 

  -Chris Godber