Hollywood Studio

Tenor: $749  /  Vintage $949

New York

Tenor: $749  /  Vintage  $949

Slightly shorter baffle than the New York, this piece is warm, but has a ring left in the Back-Bore for a bit slight resistance and kick. 

Detroit Rock

Tenor: $749  /  Vintage $949

The New York Vintage is the piece that Michael Brecker used. (MB1) This is original Guardala. The blank is an original Guardala blank purchased from Dave Guardala's brother. I have a limited supply of these original Guardala blanks and until they are gone, any Vigilante tenor piece can be made if you would prefer a different model using this vintage blank with bite plate.

Philadelphia Jazz

Tenor: $749  /  Vintage   $949

Open Back-bore

Pieces without this Ring in the Back-Bore will be slightly warmer, yet more free-blowing.

Annihilator / NY Studio

*Tenor Only:  $849 / Vintage $1049

Has a Bullet Baffle and Open Back-Bore. This mouthpiece is slightly warmer then the Detroit Rock making it a great Blues piece!

Boston Phoenix

Tenor: $749  /  Vintage  $949

Similar baffle to the New Orleans, but with an open Back-Bore this mouthpiece has a warm delicious traditional sound. Growing up in Scituate, MA, later Berklee College of Music this mouthpiece reflects my life journey as a mouthpiece maker. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes to once again make mouthpieces! 

New York Vintage

*Tenor Only:  Vintage  $949

New York  II
Tenor: $749  /  Vintage $949

An Outstanding mouthpiece which is very versatile thus the name Hollywood Studio. It has a long baffle and a thin ring for resistance left in the Back-Bore.

Slightly shorter baffle than the New York and darkest of the line-up. Plays like a Link with a bit of Fire! Large open Back-Bore.

The Passion of this City and its inspiration to jazz music comes alive in this mouthpiece. It has a slightly shorter baffle then the New York, but has a ring left inside the Back-Bore to bring sizzle befitting the legendary French Quarter.

*This fat bodied mouthpiece is similar in baffle and bore to the New York with a slightly darker sound created by a larger outside body mass.

Tenor Mouthpieces

In Order from Brightest to Darkest...

Optional Add Ons:  Floral Engraving + $50 



Annihilator / New York

*Tenor Only:  $849  /  Vintage $1049

New York Studio ​ Tenor: $749  /  Vintage $949

Bullet Baffle, thin ring in Back-Bore for resistance. This mouthpiece is great for Rock and high energy music. 

New Orleans

Tenor: $749  /  Vintage $949

Kansas City Bop

Tenor: $749  /  Vintage  $949

​** Limited Supply of Original Guardala Tenor Blanks with Pink Bite Plate ** 
Can be made in any Vigilante model for $200 more; Standard (V = $949)
& Fat Boy models $300 more (V = $1049)
​Each model below is priced for the standard piece / Vintage price next to it.
They will have a V engraved on them for 'Vintage'
Once they're gone, they're gone!

*This fat bodied mouthpiece is similar in baffle and bore to the New York Studio with a slightly darker sound created by a larger outside body mass.

Using the same baffle as the NY Studio this mouthpiece has an open Back-Bore bringing the excitement of New York City to life! This mouthpiece is dedicated to the New York Saxophone gods!

Chicago Blues

Tenor: $749  /  Vintage $949

This mouthpiece has a shorter baffle then the Hollywood Studio and has a thin ring left in the Back-Bore. It is reminiscent of the NY Studio sound.

Vigilante using Vintage
Guardala Blank

Ring in Back-bore

Pieces with this Ring

Ring left in the Back-bore will have more resistance, but creates more punch, power and projection

Sophisticated mouthpiece similar to the Hollywood Studio with the same baffle, but slightly darker as it has an open Back-Bore.

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